October 12, 2008

Shopping Stinks!

Yesterday I ventured out to the mall in an attempt to go shopping.  I put on a pair of my good jeans, wore my hair down, and was planning on spending some money.  It didn't take long to realize that my effort of getting put together and my shopping attempt were both a waste of time.  I was hoping to find another pair of glasses.  I've been wanting another set of frames for a while.  I really like the frames I have, but they are black and I'd also like a brown pair.  I went to the eye place at the mall and couldn't find a frame that looked good on me at all, or else they were pretty expensive.  Since I already have a pair, I do not want to spend a ton of money on a second pair.  Then I moved on to look at the jeans at Dillards.  That is where I got my favorite pairs back in Lawton.  They have the brand that I love, but I wasn't crazy about the wash color.  Considering that these jeans are more expensive than I like, I didn't want to settle on an okay color.  I walked around a few more stores, but there were no good deals.  I left the mall empty handed.  It was okay to get out the house, but I'd much rather have spent that time playing in the yard instead.  

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