October 3, 2008

3 Crazy Dogs

As I mentioned in a post below, I love fall.  The dogs really seem to like it too.  They've been spending most of the days outside thanks to the doggie door.  Now this does lead to increased barking which drives me absolutely nuts, but I am happy that they are getting the fresh air they deserve and need.  Today whenever I looked outside I could see Abbey running around crazy in the backyard playing with her toys.  It makes me so happy to see her enjoying herself and being active.  Her medicine is definitely helping her, and she seems to be putting on a little bit of weight slowly.  Tonight while I was out playing fetch for Abbey even Sammy and Bailey joined in the fun.  Sammy chases Abbey and tries to bite her ankles.  I wish he would play in a nicer way, but obviously Abbey can hold her own against him.  It was such a wonderful sight though to see Bailey sprinting across the yard.  It's rare that he'll play with the others.  He's more of an observer, but occasionally he'll have some fun playing.  He really is extremely fast when he does run.  Ryan loves watching them race all around the yard, and I know Pat would love to see them having such fun.  So while they get on my nerves sometimes, they really are great dogs.  I'm as lucky to have them as they are to have us.   

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