February 20, 2008

12 Weeks

Ryan is 12 weeks old today. It is so hard to believe that it was 12 weeks ago that I gave birth to him. When Pat came back from his class in Las Vegas he thought I was obsessed with our son. As you can tell that most of my posts are probably going to be about him, I guess Pat may be somewhat right. However, when we took Ryan to his 2 month well-baby visit (which ended up being around 2.5 months), they kept telling us how awesome Ryan's facial expressions and happy reactions to us were. This develops from all of the talking and smiling that we give to him. So after that appointment Pat decided that maybe I'm not obsessed, but rather just being a good Mom. Just to share his stats, at Ryan's appointment he weighed in at 13lbs. 5oz., and he was 23.62" long.

The other day when we went to get Tennessee drivers licenses I had to take an eye test. I had so much trouble with it that I decided I needed to go to the eye doctor. When I went to the doctor I found out that my eyes suck. I had reading glasses that I barely ever wore, but now I need glasses much more often. I should wear them for reading and distance. They said it won't do any damage not to wear them, but it will just be easier on my eyes to use them. My glasses came in yesterday, and I'm still undecided on them. I think I look like a dork, and now I feel old.

I'm hoping to post some new photos tomorrow if I get some free time.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that the whole time you were driving in Lawton you couldn't see? :) Love the glasses btw! Kerri

Shelly said...

Haha Kerri! I could see, but I guess just not that well ;)

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