April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend together.  It was so nice to have quality family time.  I wanted to make the most out of doing some of the cute traditions, and the kids loved the activities.  While somethings didn't go completely as planned, it was a perfect weekend that we celebrated as a family.  Here's a little recap of some things we did with a few pictures.  

I was inspired by a pin on pinterest to make "bunny bait" with the boys.  It was an easy and fun treat to make together.  I couldn't stop eating it as soon as we made it.  I've decided this would be best when we have people over to share though because quite a bit is still sitting on my counter going to waste.  I think this would also be fun to try for other holidays too. 
We dyed Easter eggs with the boys.  Growing up I didn't really do this because no one in my family was big on eating hard boiled eggs.  So it was almost as exciting to me as it was for the boys.  I look forward to making this a yearly tradition.  

For Easter we had a traditional ham dinner.  The good thing about not having company over for the holiday is that it didn't matter when we didn't have the meal ready at our planned time or that we had slightly crisped the outside of the ham or added too much milk to the potatoes.  It was still delicious.  We followed dinner up with my Easter cake.  It was supposed to be a checkered pattern for the cake, even though you cannot really tell.  It was probably the biggest cake I ever made.  The pans said to use 3 boxes of cake mix.  It was a bit excessive, and as a result of the large layers it kind of looked like the mad hatter's hat from Alice in Wonderland.  I learned quite a few lessons for the next time I use that pan.  And while it may not have won any awards for aesthetics, it tasted moist and delicious.  You should have seen Sean gobble up his slice in under two minutes, no utensils required.  
So that was our Easter in a nutshell.  I hope you had a great time celebrating with those you love too.  

Lastly, I recently gave in and started using the instagram app on my iphone.  I've had it for a while but never really understood it.  I'm trying to figure it out now.  Anyone else use that?  


Julie Danielle said...

I just got it for my Droid. I really am liking it. It is a lot of fun!

The New Normal said...

Love the cake, it looks awesome!
Glad you all had a Happy Easter :)

I use Instagram too. It's kind of fun and addicting!

Anonymous said...

That cake is insane! I have instagram but hardly ever use it. I haven't caught the bug yet. Glad you had a Happy Easter!


Jessica said...

that cake is great!!
I just love pinterest.

I have instagram on my phone, but have not used it yet. :)

bean said...

i looooove instagram, i use it all the time! :)

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