April 17, 2012


When they say moving and buying/selling homes is stressful they aren't kidding.  I'm trying not to focus on the anxiety that comes with selling.  I dealt with that two months ago when we were originally supposed to put the house on the market.  Right now I figure if ignoring the selling part makes me feel a bit better, that's what I'm doing.  Well, until I cannot ignore it any more that is.

But I did mention in my last post about how my in-laws were going to look at some of the houses on our short list this past weekend.  We had a list of 8 houses, 3 of which were having open houses.  Of the 8, 6 bit the dust.  The two that remain were not open houses, so they are allowed to stay on the list based on location alone.  Although one of the two isn't the most ideal kind of street for us.  Of the 6 that are gone, one was said to have 4 offers on it.  (And it had only been on the market one week.)  The other 5 had location issues.

I'm bummed out--not because I expected to find our home, but rather because this leaves me feeling pessimistic on if this the right area to be looking.  We're moving to a high cost of living area, so our budget is tight.  We've narrowed down the area we are looking in because it seems to have the best houses for our price, there is a school that Ryan could get into right away, and the location for the two possible future commutes is the best that our money can get us.  I was just hoping that I'd come away from the weekend knowing that a few houses are good and will definitely work for us.  You see as soon as our house here goes under contract, Pat will have to fly up to spend a three day weekend finding and offering on a house.  If we don't get it done then, we'll likely end up homeless for a period of time.  I may or may not get to go house hunt with him, depending on timing.

So now I'm super nervous that what if when we go to buy there are no good houses on the market just like at this moment?  We plan to keep this home for a VERY long time so it's really important to me that we don't settle.  Time just isn't our friend in this situation.  I can only cross my fingers and hope one of the great houses comes at just the right time for us to snatch it up.

I had thought the buying wouldn't be as stressful as the selling, but it seems in the situation it may be just as bad.


The New Normal said...

I hope the hunt gets easier! That would be stressful. Crossing my fingers for the right house to come your way soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope things slow down a bit for you and you find the 'as perfect as we can get' house soon. Moving is such a stressful time.


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