November 21, 2011

Medical Care Battle

If you've been around Military spouses often, you've probably heard at least one or two complain about the medical care.  I have some opinions on it, but I'll spare you that.  My family and I also see a handful of civilian providers and the problems exist there too.  It isn't just a military thing.

Anyway, I'm getting a bit frustrated for Ryan.  I've been asking the medical professionals for a while about a recurrent issue, and am getting no where.  It is frustrating to feel like you are not being heard.

We've been told casually by a few medical professionals that Ryan seems to have allergies.  He frequently has telltale symptoms going on.  However, these "allergies" are through all the seasons, so I'm not sure what they are to exactly.  Coincidentally, during the winter months Ryan always seems to end up with a persistent cough and similar congestion.  The cough doesn't respond to medicine very well.  Recently I asked his old doctor how to handle the allergies and I really wasn't given an answer.

The last time he was having an issue was right before Pat came home from deployment.  I was told that he had allergies that caused inflammation that then travelled down and became bronchitis.  He needed lots of meds and a breathing treatment.  I'm no doctor, so I cannot confirm the accuracy of what I am told.

Yesterday, Pat took Ryan to the clinic on post because he said his ear hurt.  We assumed he had an ear infection.  Turns out he doesn't have an ear infection, but rather he may have pneumonia.  They gave him antibiotics and cough medicine and sent them on their way.  This could 100% be an isolated issue.  However, I'm getting worried that this is part of the recurrent issues we are constantly dealing with.  The poor little child gets sick so often.  If there is anything I can do to prevent this I want to know.  

Thankfully I need to schedule his 4 year check up anyway, so I can follow up then.  It will be with a new doctor and I just hope that he will listen to me and help us keep Ryan healthy.

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bean said...

That sounds really frustrating, Shelly! Especially because he's your munchkin ~ I had similar allergy/bronchitis issues last fall, but at least I'm a grown up!

Also, allergies that are year-round could be things like dust mites (doesn't mean you don't clean -- dust is everywhere!), food allergies, and even things like soap, shampoo, fabrics, etc. Have you brought Ryan to an allergist? They can test for EVERYTHING if he has the patience to sit still there for a while!

Good luck!

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