November 10, 2011

I spoke too soon.

I spoke about the kids being sick too soon.  It hasn't hit me yet--knock on wood, but yesterday I got a call from Ryan's preschool that he wasn't feeling well.  I was already on the way there.  When I got to him, he looked pitiful.  He would only mumble answers, and I could tell he felt sick.  Before we took off to go home I gave him a bag and a big plastic cup in case he needed to be sick.
A few minutes into the trip home he almost cried out saying "my belly still hurts".   And then he began to vomit.  Half watching him and half watching the road, I yell "cup!" and he proceeds to get sick into the cup.  He did an amazing job controlling himself to follow that direction.  At the stop light right before our road, I notice Ryan has fallen asleep right as I hear "SPLAT!"  I begin to yell "cup!" again.  He was tipping the vomit cup all over the floor of the car in his sleep.  I couldn't help but laugh at how this was turning out.  
I guess you could say I got lucky that most of the splat landed on a toy ad the kids had in the car.  I didn't have too much to clean up.  I did a quick clean up of his car seat, started the laundry, and then proceeded to lay in bed with two little boys.  Ryan vomited most of the day.  It hit him hard, and hopefully the worst is over now.  

Please send me all the good vibes you can that I don't catch this too!


Lisa said...

I'm sorry your little ones are feeling so bad! I will say a prayer that you stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

Oh NO! I'm so sorry! Sick kids is the worst, especially because you feel so helpless. I hope they get better soon and that you don't catch it.

Nicole said...

Poor little guys! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

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