December 23, 2010

Ryan's Room

I posted a few weeks ago about how I painted Ryan's bedroom. Now that Pat is home we finally set up the twin bed I told you about. It's hard for us to find furniture to match the dresser Ryan has because it is an espresso/cappuccino finish. Pat found this bed online, and although it was pricey, it was perfect for Ryan. Ryan loves having the cubby holes in the headboard to store his precious items, and the drawers are a bonus for me and him to store stuff in. Ryan transitioned seamlessly to the bigger bed and as of right now he seems to be sleeping even better in the new bed.

Here is a picture of the new bed against the finished walls.
Cubby holes in the headboard currently store his stuffed animals.
Drawers and more storage below the bed.
Ryan's spaceman bedding.
Buzz Lightyear (spaceman) decals for the wall. Ryan insisted he be in the picture wearing his hat.
The mirror we FINALLY put on the dresser. We bought the dresser while pregnant with Ryan back in OK. Now 3+ years later, we put the mirror on for the first time.
I realize that I didn't take any photos of the room as a whole, so you'll just have to try to picture it from the pieces I did show.


Jessica said...

looks great!
the bed is too cute and I love all the storage in it

Devon said...

love the color! ryan did a great job!

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