December 13, 2010

The Outfit

Remember the cute dress from Ann Taylor Loft that I wanted to wear for Pat's R & R reunion? Well, I changed the plan. On the day he arrives the temperature is going to be in the 20's. I probably won't have time to pick up leggings before then, so I had to come up with an alternative plan.

Given the recent weather, I think this new outfit may be more appropriate. I am now planning to wear this sweater in "magic purple" shown below.

My mother bought me a really cute scarf in a similar purple color when she was visiting. I think they'll go together nicely.

Then I'll pair those with these boots and some skinny jeans and hope the outfit looks cute. I'm a little worried right now, but hoping to be pleasantly surprised when I actually go to put it on.
And what outfit would be complete without a pair of guns or assault rifles for earrings, right? My Dad came across these in his work. I assure you that my father is neither law enforcement nor in organized crime, despite how odd these might seem. My Dad and I think that Pat will appreciate these earrings more than most. And since I think they're funny I'll wear some when I pick him up.
I still have a while to wait. I do have cleaning that I should be doing, and I'd like to paint my toe nails. But for tonight, I'm going to bed. It's been a long few days with a sick child in my house.


Anonymous said...

Chris and I find the earrings HILARIOUS! I knew you had some Nikita in you! :)

The Fischer Family said...

Shelly, I think you are going to look great! And dare I say I don't think Pat will mind if you show up in sweats...he's just going to be so thrilled to see you!

And I LOVE the earrings! What a riot!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit! I LOVE THE BOOTS!!!!

A Soldier Girl said...

I love that fit .. I really love those boots ..

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