December 12, 2010

Perfect Timing, Murphy.

Murphy's law: "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" affects almost everyone at some time. I think as military wives surviving deployments we feel like Murphy sometimes seeks us out. Usually I'm not one to complain about Murphy, but today I just cannot help but share what is going on at my house. Pat is finally on his way home for R & R (I think), but his journey will last several days. I don't know which day he'll arrive yet. With R & R right around the corner, I'd probably want to spend my days cleaning the house, grooming me and the kids, stocking the fridge, and cooking, right? Well, instead I'm spending my days taking care of my 3 year old who is sick as a dog. I feel terrible for him. We have fever, coughing, and nights filled with "big burps" as Ryan calls it when he vomits. Normally, I'd just take this as another day of motherhood. However, I don't want Ryan to be sick when we pick his daddy up from the airport. And I have the feeling like Murphy may not leave anytime soon, and Sean, Pat or even I will come down with this next. When we only have two weeks together, I do not want any of us to spend that time being sick.

So today we are taking it easy again. Maybe a trip down to Walgreens will be our excitement for the day. I do realize that I could be lucky if Ryan gets this out of his system before Pat's return, and maybe none of us will catch it. But for right now I feel like Murphy is trying to annoy me, and I hope he leaves soon.

I thought twice about posting this, especially after reading the headline of 6 NATO Troops Killed in Southern Afghanistan. I hope everyone realizes, I'm just making light of my daily life. I know that a child will a temporary illness isn't really a hardship, and there are much worse things being dealt with each day. My thoughts and prayers are with the 6 families affected today and with our troops everyday.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Ryan is sick. That is hard on a family, especially with all you have coming up! I hope you all stay healthy and have a great R&R.

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