October 30, 2009

Of Course It Would Happen This Way

I guess all it took to have Sean sleep really well at night was posting on here about how he doesn't sleep at all. Last night was amazing for Sean. I got to have 2.5 hours of sleep in a row. It felt great. Unfortunately, I then spent the next 3 hours awake dealing with an almost 2 year old who is teething and absolutely miserable. Of course it would happen this way.

I have the feeling that Ryan is definitely hitting those terrible twos. I can tell that he is going to be very challenging for the next little while. Sometimes he's the sweetest little boy. He's always kissing the baby and concerned when Sean cries. But then there are the other times that we almost wonder if Ryan is deaf because he doesn't listen or won't stop throwing things.

Today if the rain holds off we'll be going to a BN Organization Day for Pat's work. It would be so nice to let Ryan burn up some of his energy and for me to get out of the house. Cross your fingers for okay weather. I'm hoping that this weekend I'll get some photos to post on here so keep checking back.

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Robyn said...

Well that is great about Sean at least! Porter did the same thing as Ryan and that is when we first started time outs. You saw, he will (most of the time) stop what he is doing when we threaten a time out. And, if he doesn't then we enforce it. We even did it during the Finding Nemo show at Disney World! Many hugs and hoping that it gets easier for you all!

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