October 16, 2009

Family of Four

We are now adjusting to being a family of four, and it is amazing. It's a bit of a balancing act right now between the needs of two children, and everything takes a bit longer to do now. However, I already cannot imagine not having these two precious boys in my life.

So many people ask how is it going from one to two. I've only had two for about a week, but this is my initial insight.
I've found the adjustment to two children actually easier than the adjustment to having the first child. When you go from none to having a child, EVERYTHING changes. You can no longer go on simple errands or meetings without worrying about bringing your child, entertaining said child, or finding daycare. Just getting out the door involves a lot more packing and preparation. Your schedule is no longer your own but meets the needs of your child. I think having a child is a huge adjustment for anyone, but one that is so magical and worth it that none of the hard stuff matters. Moving on to having two children, yes, there is a bit more preparation, but you are already so used to doing it for one that the second one doesn't take much effort. I've found balancing the needs of Ryan and Sean to be the biggest task. It's hard to please a toddler requesting more to drink while trying to nurse an infant or trying to simultaneously play with the toddler while snuggling a sleepy infant. At the beginning you feel pulled in two directions. I've been so used to giving Ryan my full attention that I almost feel guilty for having to split it now. However, I'm finding that as time goes by, things are running more smoothly and sometimes getting more organized and routine than they were before Sean arrived. We are finding new routines and traditions. Life with children (any number) is about adapting.

I cannot describe how happy I am at this time in my life because words are not enough. Hopefully in the future posts and pictures you'll get more of a glimpse of our joyous family of four.

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