August 30, 2009

Itchy and Sore

I seem to be slightly unlucky when it comes to getting itchy rashes. I got poison ivy the week of my wedding, and honestly have no idea how I came into contact with it. When we first arrived in OK, I got a really itchy rash. We had no idea what that was until we learned of chiggers. Growing up in MA, I had never heard of them at all. I learned quickly that I wouldn't be sitting in the grass unless I wanted an intensely itchy rash that could last 2 weeks. I must have forgot that lesson when I moved to TN. The other day I sat out in the backyard while Ryan played outside. Lo and behold, I have been bitten. I have the marks across my stomach, a little on my arm, and yes, on my face. I really didn't need any help feeling more uncomfortable and unattractive, but thank you , little buggers, I am now bordering miserable. Well, I'm not quite that unhappy, but seriously, did I need a rash?

Today I'm exhausted. This morning we woke up early to go to post for the 2nd Annual Run for the Fallen. They had a 1 mile, 5 mile, and 10 mile event. I had been telling Pat we should do the 5 mile, but he was convinced it would take us too long to walk that and it would be too hot out. When we arrived and he saw how many others were walking the 5 mile course with strollers, he immediately changed his tune and said we should do the 5 miles. I'm always up for a challenge, and we did complete it. I will admit that I was slightly waddling by the end, a bit sore, and definitely tired. I was proud to finish and also that we weren't the last ones.

Now I need rest.

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