August 24, 2009

Horses, Slides, and Memories

Yesterday afternoon we took a ride over to the horse stables on post to show Ryan the horses. At first Ryan was really unsure of the large animals. He would cling to me or Pat. Pat and I joke that we have a chicken for a child. Finally, we placed Ryan on the ground to stand near the horses. After a few minutes he gathered his courage and approached a few of the horses. In fact he got a bit closer than I was comfortable with for a few seconds there. Ryan would make funny faces at the horses, and seemed to wonder why they were looking at him with such long faces :) While Ryan had warmed up to the horses, he was still a bit timid. If any of the horses leaned their head too close, Ryan would jump away. Overall though, he really liked this experience. He was very upset when we were putting him back into his car seat.
Across from the stables was a play area that we took Ryan to. He hadn't been to this one yet, and he really loved the slide. It was one of those slides that curves around. Every time Ryan went down he had the biggest smile on his face. He couldn't be bothered to try any of the other play equipment. He had a one track mind with that slide. After about 20 minutes or so of sliding we headed back to the car to run our errands.
Although I didn't bring my camera, I have the memories that will hopefully last a lifetime of his smiles from this adventure. And those are priceless.

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