February 2, 2009

A Photo Introduction

I love reading blogs.  Sometimes I click from one person's blog to another person's and so on until I don't even know whose blog I am reading.  Do you do that too?  I've even found some blogs of strangers that I thoroughly enjoy and go back to check up on every so often.  Is that weird?  

So in case there are any people out there like me, here is a little photo introduction to the characters of my blog.  
My Hubby, Pat, and our kissy-face beagle, Bailey.  

My son, Ryan, crawling through our doggie door.  
Our pug, Sammy.  He isn't fat; he's just a bit lazy. 
Our pretty girl, Abbey.  She loves to play...and bark.

And a last little photo of me with Ryan.  

1 comment:

Robyn Mroszczyk, AFC said...

Shelly, Abbey is looking great! She is looking so much healthier! I updated my blog about Hanna...not much improvement but enough for me today :)

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