February 18, 2009


Last night we had a good few minutes of chaos here.  Around 1 a.m. a loud thunderstorm rolled through our area.  Because our house is positioned on an empty field along with the fact that the weather usually rolls in from the field, it seems our house always gets slammed.  Pat and I jumped awake to Abbey and Bailey barking as hail pelted our house (yes, Sammy was sleeping and didn't care to get out of bed).  Less than a minute later, Ryan was startled awake and crying.  Pat ran to get Ryan while I threw my sweats on.   We contemplated putting Ryan in our bed while the storm was going on, but we know better than that.  Ryan is NOT a cuddly child and does not understand laying down anywhere but in his crib.  Ryan was totally ready to play and start the day at that point.  The storm only lasted a couple of minutes before it was gone, and everything returned to its quiet state.  Thankfully it wasn't too long before I put Ryan back to bed, and we returned to our slumber.  Pat snapped a couple photos of the hail on our back deck. This is what we got in the 3 minutes the storm raged outside our house.  

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Anonymous said...

So if you had to put on your sweats does that mean you sleep naked??? Wow Michelle I did not know you did those types of things, but since I never see you anymore I suppose you could have joined a nudist colony and I would have no clue! LOL!

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