March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Yesterday was the hubby's birthday.  He's finally as old as I am again, so his teasing can stop until the fall when I become another year older.  I feel bad that we didn't have a traditional birthday celebration.  I bought Pat his birthday gifts last weekend while we were out at the store together.  He wanted a table saw and stand, and since it was a big box, I figured it was just easier to get it while he was with me.  I also bought him a sander.  He's already started building things, and I can tell that makes him happy.  I didn't have any gifts for Pat to open yesterday, but I did cook his favorite meal--corned beef with carrots.  That meal was a success and very yummy.  I'll even go further to admit what a bad wife I am by telling you that Pat picked up his own birthday cake.  He wanted an ice cream cake from Cold Stone.  Anyone that knows Pat can guess what kind he wanted--chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.  While last night wasn't the normal birthday celebration one might expect, it worked out really well.  Pat was able to call his buddy from College to come over for some cake.  I know Pat always has fun when he's able to hang out with Sap.    I know this is a little late in the blog world, but Happy Birthday Pat!  

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