March 6, 2013

WIWW remix

It's shaping up to be busy week around here, mostly with school stuff for the kids.  I've been pretty good about making an effort to get dressed this week.  I'll go into more detail on that tomorrow because it is worth sharing.  For today, I'm just going to show you some of the outfits from the week.  You may recognize that the pieces from all these outfits have been posted in previous WIWW posts (I linked to some of them below).  I was able to remix the pieces for my wardrobe this week.

Sorry for the blurry photo.  I think this was my favorite outfit of the week.  You can see the original post for this cardigan here.
Cardigan and Flats//Target
Cords//Lands' End Canvas
Tank//Old Navy (old)

This day I had another meeting at the school, and it was an early one.  I really would have loved to stay in sweats, so I thought a good compromise would be my big cozy cardigan.  And it gave me an opportunity to wear the scarf my mother gave me.
Cardigan//Lands' End
Shirt//Old Navy (old)
Jeans//Lands' End Canvas

During the weekend I had my husband take some photos of my outfit, hence the kind of annoyed look on my face.  He likes to try to make me laugh.  I keep telling him to just focus on the outfit....I'm not sure he'll ever listen.    I also wore the cardigan and teal shirt here.  
Cardigan and Flats//Target
Shirt//Lands' End
Jeans//Lands' End Canvas

Some things I'm noticing now that I'm posting photos...All three outfits are cardigans.  It must be my uniform.  Also, two of the outfits are layered with a teal green shirt.  I have two of I must really like that color.  Hopefully next week I'll branch out beyond the cardigan and flats routine.  While I may have played it safe, at least I was getting dressed, right?

pleated poppy

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Traci Little said...

very pretty Shelly thanks for sharing with us!

Here are mine if you get a second to take a peak:

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