February 20, 2013

WIWW Valentine's Week

I made it a point to wear red/pink around Valentine's day.  It was a good excuse for pretty colors.

I didn't feel much like getting dressed one day.  It is the day my husband has night class so I didn't expect to see him or really anyone.  But since I wanted to put in some effort, I threw together a comfy outfit from my casual pieces.
But my husband forgot his cell phone at home and needed me to bring it to him at work.  It always seems to work that way.  I always end up seeing people when I haven't dressed up.  You would think I'd learn my lesson.  At least this outfit was semi put together with the scarf .

On Valentine's day I got to wear this new pink button down shirt.  You can't see in this photo but it has little polka dots.  Pink and polka dots!  It doesn't get much better, right?  Oh wait but how about if I tell you I got it for $2.99 (including shipping).  That's pretty amazing, huh?

Friday morning I pulled a muscle in my neck and spent the entire long weekend hunched over and in sweats.  I figured that if I was walking around like Quasimodo, that was excuse enough to be comfy in sweat pants.

pleated poppy


Allie said...

$2.99!? What a steal! That top is so cute! I need more polka dots in my wardrobe!

Inge Jane said...

I love that pink polka dot top, can't believe the deal you got on it!!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for linking up love! You look awesome! Xoox

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